ReactionsTV is a online reaction show that formerly premiered in MagisterTV/R5TV on December 28, 2017, the show moved to TV5 on November 1, 2018

History Edit

ReactionsTV premiered in a short lived television network called MagisterTV/R5TV on December 28, 2017, it aired 3 episodes in December 2017, it went on a hiatus for only 5 days and returning on January 4, 2018 for Season 2, it kept airing new episodes until January 19, 2018, it went to a another hiatus for 15 days and coming back on February 3, 2018, after a total of 17 episodes in Season 2, it premiered on February 25, 2018 for Season 3, However. it went to a third hiatus for two weeks and coming back on March 24, 2018, after the two week hiatus, it aired it's 6th and final episode of Season 3, after the Season 3 finale, it went to it's fourth hiatus for 2 months, coming back on June 11, 2018 for it's fourth season, the fourth season only had also 6 episodes like the previous season did have, after the 5th season, the 6th season came in, with 5 episodes, Season 6 was supposed to be the final season of the series.

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